weis_joshuaGreetings! I am Joshua Weis: Cinematographer, photographer, designer, traveler, outdoorsman, and all around adventurer. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh where I fostered interests in nature, science, and innovation. After some self-discovery (and discovery of the camera) I found out that my true passion lies in visually capturing, rearranging, and showcasing works of the universe and of others. I have a wide set of skills due to over-eclectic interests and a problem of finding everything in the world extremely fascinating…

I currently work at Arconic as a Creative Professional. A majority of my projects support the research and development efforts for their existing and emerging technologies. I can truthfully say I have one of the coolest and most interesting jobs in this profession! I am part of a dynamic marketing and communications group and excited to be a part of such a passionate team.

To supplement my work at Arconic, I freelance around the Northeast region filming, photographing, and designing a variety of projects.

My résumé has a more detailed list of production, post-production, and office skills, as well as a list of projects that I have worked on. I have experience in commercial, narrative, and documentary works. Please feel free to contact me for hire, collaborations, or anything else!