Summer Review

Life has been full of so many fortunes and adventures of late that if they are not written down, the reflections and emotions certainly will fade. So, this is a promise to myself..I will update this blog, dare I say weekly..realistically biweekly. Let’s back up a few months..

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University of Pittsburgh

Greetings all,

I began my last post with a similar headline but unfortunately has been quite some since I last updated this blog. With any luck and free time I hope to keep my site fresh while improving my personal writing style. It has been the one element of filmmaking and my life that I have not given the appropriate respect to..

So let’s start! I embarked on many new adventures in the last 6 six months, most notably I accepted a full time position at the University of Pittsburgh. I began back in early October 2012 as a Multimedia Specialist for Pitt’s Division of Student Affairs. It has been a stark contrast from my previous roles in the entertainment and media industry; however, a large majority of my job responsibilities still lie in video production. The sets and equipment are smaller, but it is still rewarding and the accompanying autonomy keeps my honost. I manage a team of 5 interns, and together we create all of the video content for the 10 departments of the division. We broadcast our work on the many digital signage displays located on campus and have organized the aesthetics and layout. Most recently, I have co-managed the expansion project to include a digital display in each of the university’s residence halls.

Aside from my work at Pitt, I am keeping my feet wet in the freelance realm by creating fashion and corporate videos for the national company, rue21. My role in these projects primarily has been editing and I hope in the future, my schedule will allow me to DP for them. A surprise satisfaction recently came when the CEO of this billion dollar corporation took a great interest in the last project I was working on. I look forward to many more projects with them.

Lastly, I hope to collaborate with a group of local media experts to join our production equipment inventory to begin a small rental service to local companies; more on that and future projects later..


Hanging out with Steelers Defensemen, Brett Keisel and Troy Polamalu

Hanging out with Steelers Defensemen, Brett Keisel and Troy Polamalu

Big chill with Ice-T after filming an event with him.

Big chill with Ice-T after filming an event with him.

Summer, and other Updates!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated any posts, but despite my lack of post activity I have indeed been very busy! In May, I had the pleasure of graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Animation (Highest Honors). Since then I have returned to my home town of Pittsburgh, PA where I undertook an editing gig creating a reel for a local actress. Additionally, I had the great pleasure of serving as first camera assistant  for a history channel documentary, and a few commercials in NYC.


King’s River Shoot 2

I came back from quite the interesting documentary shoot a few weeks ago (I hadn’t received the footage back to grab some stills until now) for Matthew Picket’s documentary, The King’s River. We traveled the 11 hour journey once more from Rochester, NY to Waynesboro, VA to film the two sides of the lawsuit regarding the Jackson River land dispute. Coming from a filmmaker’s point of view, it became evident to me how malleable my opinions can be on controversial topics, merely by speaking to a representative from each position. Heading into this project I was heavily leaning in one direction, but after filming and witnessing both accounts of the lawsuit, it was clear that their respective rationals were reasonable and respectable. I’m very curious how Matt will handle the objectivity of this case in Post-Production. I shot this on the Canon XF-305 which I am falling in love with a little too late considering I will be graduating in a mere two weeks.



King’s River Documentary

Last weekend I ventured down south from Rochester, crossing 5 states in 11 hours to arrive at the University of Virginia. After taking in the serenity on an auspiciously warm and sunny Friday, documentary director, Matthew Pickett, and myself filmed a set of interviews with an environmental law professor at the University of Virginia and an avid fishermen in Forest, VA. Matthew’s documentary surrounds an on going lawsuit over land disputes among land owners and fishermen along the King’s River. I am serving as Director of Photography on this project, and I am eager for our next shoot on April 21st. Shot on Canon XF-305.