King’s River Documentary

Last weekend I ventured down south from Rochester, crossing 5 states in 11 hours to arrive at the University of Virginia. After taking in the serenity on an auspiciously warm and sunny Friday, documentary director, Matthew Pickett, and myself filmed a set of interviews with an environmental law professor at the University of Virginia and an avid fishermen in Forest, VA. Matthew’s documentary surrounds an on going lawsuit over land disputes among land owners and fishermen along the King’s River. I am serving as Director of Photography on this project, and I am eager for our next shoot on April 21st. Shot on Canon XF-305.



Cadillac Graveyard Music Video

Finally got the link to the music video I worked on this past summer! It was made for local Pittsburgh artist Daniel Marcus, and produced by the awesome crew at Euphoria. I served as B-Cam and it was great to see some of my shots selected into the final cut! I obviously hold no rights for this videos but thought I would help support and share; don’t forget to show some love for Daniel!

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Sunday’s Thesis Shoot

Wrapped the second to last day of shooting “For Tomorrow We Die”! We got through three scenes in 14 hours; it was a long one but I was thrilled with the image! A special thanks to all cast and crew who made it so special! After shooting all weekend with daylight kinos, I’m fairy certain I need to invest in my own set post-graduation!

Rochester 72 Hour Film Festival

Just finished shooting the first night of the Rochester 72 Hour Film Festival. The scenes were entirely lit using Daylight Balanced Kino; I was very pleased with the aesthetic considering how little planning was done (due to the nature of the competition of course!) Tomorrow we pick right back up shooting, and the director and editor will take it to post, as I go off to DP a lovely 14 hour Thesis shoot underground on Sunday =)

CHICK Workholding Demo Videos

I finally went back to visit the set/room I helped dress this summer for shooting; I served as B-Cam operator, on the rigged boom pool ._.  , and AC.  It was a nifty set-up with some awesome crew and talent! The company we were contracted for was CHICK Workholding, located in Cranberry, PA.