King’s River Shoot 2

I came back from quite the interesting documentary shoot a few weeks ago (I hadn’t received the footage back to grab some stills until now) for Matthew Picket’s documentary, The King’s River. We traveled the 11 hour journey once more from Rochester, NY to Waynesboro, VA to film the two sides of the lawsuit regarding the Jackson River land dispute. Coming from a filmmaker’s point of view, it became evident to me how malleable my opinions can be on controversial topics, merely by speaking to a representative from each position. Heading into this project I was heavily leaning in one direction, but after filming and witnessing both accounts of the lawsuit, it was clear that their respective rationals were reasonable and respectable. I’m very curious how Matt will handle the objectivity of this case in Post-Production. I shot this on the Canon XF-305 which I am falling in love with a little too late considering I will be graduating in a mere two weeks.



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